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 November 2003

Vol. 2   No. 11  

How to Help a Meathead


Meat is ideal nutrition for my body, I once thought – after all, my own body is made of meat – like muscles, liver, kidneys, brain, and associated, more-or-less, edible substances, like fat, blood vessels, lymph nodes, tendons, nerves, bone, skin, etc.  Most of my friends still believe meat is essential for vigorous health and they don’t hesitate to tell me so.  I hear too often, “McDougall, if you ate a few more Tri-tips...

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Acne Has Everything to do With Diet

Standard dogma from your medical doctor is that your oily skin and acne have nothing to do with the foods you eat.  Next time you hear this message, ask for the evidence.  You will find this learned professional speechless and almost empty-handed , because this incorrect information dates back to a single article published by...
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Favorite 5 - My favorite 5 articles found from my medical journals from this past month

  • Treatment of Blood Pressure Can Make You Stupid

  • Pharmaceutical Industries Selectively Report (Lie about) Scientific Findings

  • Do Microwave Ovens Destroy Nutrients in Food?

  • Take a Tomato, Not a Pill, for Your Prostate

  • Don’t Stop Aspirin if You Are a Heart Patient

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Report from the First Alumni Weekend
(Held November 7 to 9, 2003)
The conference room was packed with more than 100 people when Dr. Dean Ornish delivered a riveting hour-long presentation on effectively treating heart disease and cancer with a low-fat vegan diet.  His well-received presentation was followed by a very scientific discussion on cancer and the Macrobiotic diet by Dr. Lawrence Kushi.  There wasn’t a wasted moment during the whole weekend.  Dr. McDougall gave two brand-new presentations...
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