The McDougall Newsletter - January 2003
  January 2003   Vol. 2 Issue 01

Can We Afford Bad Health?

Nearly two-thirds of the residents of United States are overweight, and since 1991 the incidence of obesity has risen from 12% to over 25%.  Obesity-related diseases, like type II diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer are consuming most of our healthcare dollars.  Spending on hospital and outpatient care is 36% higher and medication costs are...

Taming Elevated Triglycerides, Insulin Resistancew, and Syndrome X

Triglycerides are the fats in the blood.  To visualize their appearance, think of chicken soup left overnight in the refrigerator.  The next morning you find an upper layer of yellowish fat, which has formed over the brownish liquid below.   When blood is drawn into a tube during venepuncture, and then left on the counter for a while, light-yellow fat (triglycerides) will rise to the top, leaving the more watery red blood below.  When someone has very high triglycerides, you can actually see the fat separate from the blood in the tube even before the needle is removed from the patient's arm.

The Right Diet Will Save Your Bones

Two recent publications clearly demonstrate the effects of diet on bone health (osteoporosis) and kidney stone formation.  On the destructive side, research from the University of Chicagolooked at the effects of the high protein Atkins diet on calcium balance.  Data was collected for 2 weeks of the Atkins induction diet and 4 weeks on the maintenance diet.


The McDougall Diet Supported by the Most Ancient Clinical Trial – According to the New England Journal of Medicine

The truth is the truth, and you do not have to be a scientist, doctor, or dietitian to observe the truth.   Throughout human history people have written that the kings, queens, and aristocrats, who eat rich foods, become fat and sick.  Approximately 2600 years ago it was also reported that the McDougall diet cured people with these food-induced ailments, according to an article in this month's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

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