The McDougall Newsletter - April 2003
  April 2003   Vol. 2 Issue 04

Dairy Products - 10 False Promisesan We Afford Bad Health?

May I share with you some of my surprising discoveries?  Within the same species – like cow for calf, cat for kitten, mare for foal – mother's milk can be the perfect food for the very young – not, after weaning, for older offspring, and certainly, not for the fully-grown.

Prevent Breast Cancer with Aspirin and Motrin – Not!

"Risk of Breast Cancer Cut Sharply by Regular Ibuprofen" announced the headlines in newspapers nationwide on April 10, 2003.1  The story claimed women can reduce their risk by as much as half by regular use of aspirin or ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Nuprin)*.  The source of funding of this study will not be known until it is published; however, there are ties between this kind of research and the drug industry already.

Weight Watchers Fail to Shed Pounds

A Reuters Health Story on April 8, 2003 reported that people who followed the Weight Watchers program for two years lost an average of only six pounds.  But especially diligent participants -- who attended at least 78 percent of the weekly meetings – had lost an average of...


Eating Out Mexican Style

One of our favorite places to eat out is in a Mexican restaurant – and this is also the one of easiest place to get closest to McDougall-style food anyplace in the world.  Mexican restaurants...

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