The McDougall Newsletter - March 2002
  March 2002   Vol.1 Issue 3

Heather's Report
Guatemala - The Undiscovered Jewel of Central America

I'm back from a great week in Guatemala. Surprisingly, I did not meet any tourists from the USA, but there were many from Europe and Asia, but there were many from Europe and Asia – here's another undiscovered fabulous destination.

Don't Burn Holes in Your Stomach

This article continues a series exploring the health of your intestinal tract.  Consider the strongest contact with the world around you is through your food, processed and absorbed by your intestine.

The lining of the stomach and first part of the small intestine, known as the duodenum, has a protective barrier lining that keeps the powerful stomach acids and enzymes from eating into its tissues.  An ulcer develops when the defense mechanisms of the stomach lining break down, making a "sore" or "crater" in the stomach wall.

Diet and Diabetes: The Meat of the Matter  Too Much Fat Causes Diabetes

Type II diabetes is called adult-type diabetes because it is the most common type of diabetes seen in adults.  Approximately 8% of American adults have this condition and in some subsections of our populations, such as the American Indians, the incidence can be as high as 50% of the people.  The cause is unquestionably the rich American diet, chock-full of fat and deficient in plant foods.

Don't Sleep Yourself to Death

A study called "Mortality associated with sleep duration and insomnia" found the best survival was among those who slept 7 hours a night.1  People who slept 8 hours or more, or 6 hours or less, had an increased risk of dying.

Back Seat Passengers May Kill You

A study entitled "Mortality of front-seat occupants attributed to unbelted rear-seat passengers in car crashes," found the risk of death was 5 times higher than if the back-seat passengers were in seat belts.1

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