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Percentage Of Calories From Protein - Search Engine

Postby chicha29 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:01 pm

Like many people on this forum, I use Cronometer for nutritional analysis. Its website uses the Atwater System to derive percentage-of-calories-from-protein values. The problem that I have is that on that website I can only look up this value for one food item at a time. I need to sort the entire USDA database by this percentage. Cronometer is unable to offer this feature at this time. I also communicated with Nutribase, a nutritional software provider. They have the information, but only in a Windows format. I use a Chromebox, which uses Chrome, and so am unable to use Nutribase. Do you know where I can get this type of a sort done? It can be fee-based. Thanks, Steve
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