Protein for Injury Recovery

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Protein for Injury Recovery

Postby DanTheYogi » Thu May 28, 2020 5:57 pm

Hi Jeff,

Hope you are doing well.

I have read virtually of all of your content on protein - it is not something I ever focus on, although when I have checked the math in the past I get plenty on a typical day (60-80 grams. I'm a 26yo 145lb male).

Having said that - I have been dealing with some lingering injuries for over a year now. My left leg and left arm have all sorts of aches and pains. Some of it has been acute traumas that became chronic, others from over exertion when exercising. Essentially, I'm a 20-something who got a little too attached to exercise, overdid it, and am suffering the consequences.

I have been to multiple doctors and physical therapists. I am diligent about the routines I am given, as well as diet compliance and sleep and sunshine. I have also tried some more experimental procedures out of desperation (stem cell injections). Despite all of this, I am not anywhere close to feeling like I'm in good physical health - I have pain in my left foot, knee, wrist and arm on a daily basis. Never debilitating - I am still able to work and accomplish chores and other household tasks. But I cannot do any of my fave activities without worrying about pain or making things worse - running, hiking, biking, dancing, etc. And, in-general it is obviously not fun to be in low-grade pain consistently throughout the day.

I feel pretty desperate sometimes, but honestly I don't even know where to turn. I sometimes wonder if these things will actually improve or if I'm doomed to years of chronic musculoskeletal pain in my 20s.

That being said, one thought that floated around in my head - is there any reason to think that temporarily increasing protein intake could actually help with recovery for these issues? I am skeptical/doubtful, but also desperate, which is why I figured it couldn't hurt to see if you have any insights here.

Appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have.
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