Consistent message between Dr and Jeff

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Consistent message between Dr and Jeff

Postby wkriski » Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:41 am

Is there any discussion about or chance of getting Dr. McDougall on the same page as you, ie that excess carbs can be stored as fat? I end up in debates and people are confused by the mixed messages. I explain below.

Dr. McDougall recently did an interview on Coast to Coast ( he says that carbs don't naturally don't turn to fat in humans (more in pigs/cows), it turns to heat (see 59:57). The fact that de novo lipogenesis is a pathway means it IS possible in humans even with the inefficiency. But as you know the study was actually short-term overfeeding where carbs were burned as heat. He also emailed me: "The process of de novo lipogenesis is very inefficient in people (so excess carbohydrate is not turned to fat for storage in any great amount under normal living conditions). In other words: The idea that sugar turns to fat and that is why people are overweight and obese is scientifically incorrect ."

I think a more specific message could be: excess calories will turn to fat no matter what they consist of. However if you eat high carb, low calorie dense foods like fruits and vegetables the chance of exceeding your daily calorie requirements is much less. Also the conversion of carbs to fat is 30% inefficient, and fruit/veggie carbs have slightly less than 4 calories per gram (from Why Calories Count by Marion Nestle) which also help in reducing the chance of exceeding daily caloric requirements.

As I help people on FB, YouTube and spread the message I am just trying to develop a succinct and accurate way of explaining things to reduce the confusion.

Thoughts? :)
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Re: Consistent message between Dr and Jeff

Postby JeffN » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:31 am

wkriski wrote: I end up in debates

I do not recommend engaging in these debates at all. If someone is interested in learning more about this way of life, send them to the appropriate resources. The approach I recommend is laid out here...


JeffN wrote: "you must watch Doug Lisle's video, How To Get Along Without Going Along. Me and him subscribe to the same approach, 100% and he lays it out beautifully.

It is the exact response I have used for over 2 decades and in my experience, the only one that truly works.'

But, that is something Dr McDougall and I disagree on. :)

wkriski wrote:Thoughts? :)



JeffN wrote: However, I am glad you raised this point here and now as it is an important issue.

There are a few issues we disagree on.

However, it is important to realize that I am not a salesperson for the McDougall Program but a health professional dedicated to the science of health and nutrition and the well-being of my patients and that of the public. My perspective and my interpretation of the science happens to align very closely with that of Dr McDougall's. Therefore, I work for Dr McDougall as a freelance consultant/contract worker and I am only paid for the services I render (ie, lectures) and I am under no obligation to "agree" with him on anything.

He hires me to give "my" lectures on the topics I choose and in spite of the fact that we do disagree on some minor issues. He has never once asked me to change any of my lectures which discuss these differences, or any of the content in them, nor has he ever wanted to edit and/or censor any part of any one of my talks. In fact, we feel it adds to the scientific discourse of the program.

And, to be honest, in him doing this, he exhibits extreme professionalism and integrity, especially in this field, and is a rare bird (or should I say potato). :)

I hold multiple contracts and though the one with Dr McDougall represents only a small percentage of the total, it is the one I enjoy the most.

For the record, the time, energy and effort I put in at these forums is done on my own as a volunteer and was started at my own request.

This is all also important because in the world of health, so many health professionals have sold out their integrity for a few dollars to work for big companies and industries, and/or to sell health products and/or to sell supplements and compromise their message and integrity for a paycheck.

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