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Acne/GERD Journal

Postby orangejulius » Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:58 am

Hi everyone. :) I am a first-time poster but a long-time peruser of this board, as I have been gradually transitioning to a more whole foods plant-based diet (rather than a primarily vegan diet with too much sneaky sugars, refined grains, etc). I am especially motivated now because I have recently started to have symptoms that my doctor identified as GERD--perhaps not full-blown GERD (yet) but the beginning of that problem. I think that a starch-based diet will help me eliminate these symptoms. I also have long struggled with acne and am hoping that getting rid of fats, sugars, refined flours, etc. will help clear my skin naturally.

The purpose of this journal is to make myself accountable, to track what I eat and see if my GERD/acne problems improve. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, of course they are welcome! If I am successful, then I hope my journal can serve as a point of reference for others struggling with the same issues.

Few Stats: age 23, 5'1", female, ~ 19.5 BMI. Allergic to shellfish, coffee, turkey and apples + have cold urticaria. :? :D
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