Help with low blood sugar

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Help with low blood sugar

Postby melmolly56 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:16 am

Hello, I am new to this discussion board and I have been on the McDougall Program for about 10 days. I do not need to lose weight; I have chosen the program for health reasons, specifically for long term and difficult to treat migraines, cluster headaches, and trigeminal neuralgia. I firmly believe that this lifestyle change will benefit me and help restore my health. I do need help navigating the Vegan and McDougall program, however. My biggest challenge so far has been blood sugar lows, which in my case trigger migraines. Although I do try to eat small meals and eat snacks several times a day, (a habit I developed a long time ago), but with this new program, it does not seem to be enough. I seem to be "tanking" quite often in the afternoon or evening. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Help with low blood sugar

Postby grid » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:01 am

Welcome Melmolly56 :)

I'm sorry to hear your health problem, and unfortunately I can't give you any advice on that, but I think the best way to get one as soon as possible is to send this post to the A Place for Newbies forum that you can find in the middle of the forum list on the index page. This way I'm sure you'll get a lot of help from those fellow McDougallers who experienced similar health problems.

Hope it helps
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Re: Help with low blood sugar

Postby Katydid » Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:05 am

My blood sugar runs naturally low and I find the key is to eat a starch-rich meal every few hours. The instinct to limit starches is ingrained in our society. Get comfortable with the idea of an 80% starch diet. I eat a starch every few hours. Oats and fruit for breakfast, hummus and vegetables at 10, vegetable soup with pasta at lunch, a sweet potato and fruit at 3, salad and beans (or in my case blue hominy) before dinner, steamed or water-fried veggies with rice and quinoa at dinner, air-popped popcorn or cereal in the evening, and so on. The key is starch-based meals.

This diet can save your life - it saved mine! Read my story at:
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