Helping Friends Understand the McDougall Diet

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Helping Friends Understand the McDougall Diet

Postby munger180 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:20 pm

I have read a great deal of material of Dr. McDougall.
I have also read much material by Dr. C. Campbell and others
I have seen many presentations on Youtube

I think the world is missing ONE article. Who wants to write it?

Here is the outline of the article.
1. We all read news articles about nutritional research. You know, if you eat FoodX you have 16% less chance of DiseaseY.
Sometimes you can even get up to 30-40% "results" from research.
So when you decide to eat more Lemons or whatever to get your 18% benefit, you realize that you might not be in the 18%. Could be that you are in the 82% that didn't get any benefit. Everybody knows that...

In addition, when you take upon yourself to eat more Lemons or whatever, you are hoping to improve you percentages against DiseaseY, although the research does not always tell you that eating more Lemons can bring on DiseaseZ. [Need examples]

In addition, even after eating more Lemons, one doesn't imagine that those lemons will prevent him from getting the flu periodically. He is sure they will see their doctor regularly for antibiotics, pain killers, sleep-aids, etc. Everyone knows that the lemons aren't going to reduce the number of times you go to the doctor.

And that just about covers about 98% of all nutritional research.

However there is one Diet that is different. Whole Foods-low fat/McDougall diet is a very special diet that gives you fantastic percentages and improves the whole range of Human Body performance. One who follows this path simply stops going to hospital and doesn't see a doctor except to order annual blood tests. No antibiotics for years on end, colds are rare and only last a few hours. Coughing is successfully treated by drinking a cup of warm water.

2. There are many research projects going on and many research projects have been in the past.

Many research projects stopped receiving funds because the results were not great. It might seem to us that treatments our physicians provide for us should be discontinued if the results have not been great. Does this really happen? [Need examples]

3. Some things you believe in have no base in any research at all.

We believe in protein. When we were told 50? years ago that we need much more daily protein, was that based on proper long-period research?

We believe in doctors who treat cancers. They are experts. When they began treating cancers this way did they do so based on proper research?

We believe in our specialists. Do they treat their patients based on proper research? Does the kidney doctor recommend a research-supported low protein diet ? [More examples]

Of course, the choice in individual. You have heard and read and been treated by the most current medical methodology.

But the current medical methodology has never delivered and never pretended to deliver a lifestyle one can depend on. A lifestyle that delivers day after day, month by month - for years at a time. it seems like a dream, right? But the research has been done on plant-based diets and the results are amazing and are dependable, etc.


Pick up this idea and come up with a proper presentation.

Be well.
Michael Unger
Zichron Yaakov, Israel
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