2 months in - the story as it stands from an expat in Aisa

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2 months in - the story as it stands from an expat in Aisa

Postby slupen » Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:15 am


As an expat, I've gained alot of weight over the years peaking 107kg (236lbs) with the normal on / off dieting story. Feeling fat, unmotivated, tired, verge of getting sick etc etc (I'm sure you all recognise the story) I rekindled my knowledge on the vegan approach (its not a diet).

I also added the occult (meaning hidden) perspective which gave me another completely different purpose on why vegetarian / vegan. Read on the topic from philosophers of our past (Pythagoras, Leadbeter etc) on the occult virtues of an animal free diet and what it doe from a spiritual perspective.

With some help from a buddy - we entered a bet for fat loss - and here I stand 23% less in body fat from my starting point now this morning weighing 88kg or 194lbs so 17% of myself no longer exist. My buddy won, but he went hungry and tortured the entire way. On the eve of our bet, he celebrated with a whole chicken while I ate risotto with mushrooms. I feel like everything but a looser in this bet.

I've gone full vegan as the standard basis for my diet (overnight switch), don't use cooking oil and eat very simply oats with berries in the office and cook a proper meal at home. If I must eat in restaurants, I compromise with the oil and go vegetarian if required. I do choose restaurants that suit, mostly indian. If I want a lavish meal, I do tacos night and the burrito bread will have some oil in it.

So what are the changes apart from the obvious (lost weight, old clothes fit and new ones are to big) etc.

The biggest difference is on the mental plane. Work during hoaxvid (sick of the media bashing peoples freedom) has ramped up the pressure combined with multiple product launches, and I must say I am coping well. I did not stop drinking beer during this process and can tell that on days I have beers I seem to stay calorie neutral. On days I don't, I loose weight like clockwork. I know this is not the formal diet, but this is how I have done this.

My body feels lighter, my sex drive is increasing, I do and get more done...... and I really don't have to eat. On my old diet, lunch came around and it was imperative to eat. With a heavy carb base, your body will tell you its time to eat, but you can motor on with unabated energy. I suspect this is what is making the biggest difference on the mental plane.

For beginners where the animal argument simply isn't enough, I suspect many would benefit from just reading / listening to this:

https://archive.org/details/vegetariani ... f_librivox

Its free and no longer under copyright restrictions.

So - I am no longer obese, but I am certainly not done. People understood my veganism for the bet, but they are having a tougher time accepting it now afterwards where I am just continuing. Its not a chore, just boring that restaurants don't cate for a meal out for special occasions. But hey, life goes on. Already have people loosing weight or having vegan breakfasts noting a change in sore joints after I explained they can expect that.

Heart felt thank you for Mcdougall and McGregor for their valuable contribution and I will update again with some logs that I kept during this process when I venture from just overweight into the normal weight range.

It sure is a joy to no longer being obese and wearing normal clothes again without going hungry.

Stay strong, stay positive, once the journey takes you and you align your diet with the eternal axioms of natural law, universe rewards you. So much is abundantly apparent.
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