October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Svenja » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:17 am

Good morning all!

I lost 2 pounds ... but that because of my gain last week. But I still take it.

I was off work this week and managed food surprisingly well.
I did a 25 min. ddpyoga workout every !!! day :)

I found a good "cheese" sauce recipe without cashew ... tried it out and found again, that I am not doing well after eating nutritional yeast ... is that common? Or is my system just particularly picky???

Monday is exam day!
All my trails at home where between 93 and 98% ... I can only hope that this will be enough preparation for the real thing ... need 75%.
It's a 1.5 hour drive to the place where the exam takes place. We had crazy storms the last couple of days with trees on the road etc. hope everything goes well on Monday!
Prayers and positives thoughts are highly appreciated.
The real crazy time starts the day after ... preparing for the oral exam ... started with that already and will have to keep going, even if I don't know if I passed the written exam ... but time in-between is soooo short!!! If I see the pile of papers that I need to get in my head ... oh dear ...

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Qwerty988 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:49 am

Good morning everyone! :-D

I am down -0.8 pounds.

Thrilled beyond belief to still be losing. :)
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Bougainvillea » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:19 am

Better late than never? I'd like to join. I don't have the excuse of being in a different time zone, though :o

Current weight 194 lbs.

Lost 4 lbs this last week. But, that was coming back from fluctuating back up to 198 from 194 - I'm just back where I'd gotten to.

Oddly, when I tried to eat more veggies (without starch at every meal), I gained weigh back! I decided to just eat the approved foods and not be hungry - and voila! Lost the weight magically! I think it's still hard for my brain to accept that I really get to eat starch at every meal or not be hungry LOL. I'm learning.

At my size 5'5" and 61 years old, I'm still at that point where I can eat a lot and still lose weight. I'm just going to enjoy that for now.

This last week, what I've typically eaten is:

4 tacos for breakfast with homemade corn tortillas (made with organic masa flour from Bob's Red Mill, since I'm getting paranoid about GMOs) . These are small tortillas and I put chopped fresh cilantro and chopped fresh tomatoes and a mixture of rice, beans, cooked veggies like squash and peppers, inside each one.

Lunch - homemade soup with beans or potatoes or lentils and veggies, sometimes with some bread to dip in it, if I'm super hungry. This week it was creamy tomato lentil soup with unsweetened almond milk and pureed cooked carrots to make it "creamy" and chunks of tomatoes in it.

Dinner - pasta with simple tomato sauce and/or wheat bread toasted and dipped in some of the lentil soup.

My vice: a gin and diet tonic cocktail

Before bed - sometimes if I'm hungry before bed, I eat a very tiny bowl - maybe 1 cup - of shredded wheat and almond milk, sweetened with Stevia.

I've quit all pain meds, so I'm not willing to give up my gin and tonic yet. ;-)

I'm also walking more and have been much more active cooking and canning, which not only makes me hungrier, but adds to the pain factor. So, I'm just eating more of the accepted foods and enjoying my evening cocktail. So far, it all seems to be going okay, though. Canned up a huge amount of plain celery broth from a ton of free celery I got at the local food bank. Veggie broth in the stores is so expensive! And I use it in everything. Enjoying learning how to cook vegan. :)
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby chefdog19 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:52 am

I would like to join in. I attended the McDougall 10 day program in Santa Rosa in June 2014 and successfully lost 50 pounds of the more than 100 that I need to lose. Then my elderly mother moved in with me. Since that time (3 years ago) I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds over and over. Feeling frustrated and stressed. I joined a "weight loss challenge group" at work that ends December 15. There are five of us on the team and everyone is doing their own thing. My thing is to tighten up my starch based diet and in the first week I lost 8 pounds. This week I gained three of them back, although I stuck with the plan. The one thing I did do differently was to have some veggie pizza (no cheese, no oil) but it was wheat based. So, I am going to give a huge effort to trying the MWL plan...I have long suspected that wheat is a problem for me and since I am determined to get this weight off and feel better, I will try these guidelines. I am going to go through my cookbooks and recipes and choose some that are MWL compliant and get started this weekend. So the main things I need to tighten up are no wheat whatsoever and cut my fruit consumption back to two servings - I have been eating 3 - 5 per day. I also have been eating a few corn tortillas with my rice and beans - that will be hard to give up, but I also suspect that corn may be a problem, too. :(
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby amandamechele » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:53 am

Pippi Lemon - Great loss this week (or really for the past couple of days). I'm glad to hear you are positively surprised. Some weeks are like that and we should celebrate them. I'm also glad you are taking the advise of Doug Lisle and Jeff Novick to treat this like an experiment. I find it helpful because it removes the emotion that can be tied to that number on the scale, and creates an attitude of reflection when things don't go the way we expect.

Sue - You bet it is! It appears only about 1 in 5 dieters has any sort of long term success. It does seem to get easier the longer you maintain that loss though. As we know here, its all about maintaining the patterns that gave us the loss in the first place. Your Redskins motto is so perfect! (I'd never heard that song before... young you and I sound like musically kindred spirits.) I hope your knee heals up enough for tap...how fun would that be!!

Sirdle - You may feel that the scale gave you a pass this week, but its showing that there had to be good choices in there to. I hope next week is better. :)

katie3 - Please do stay the course. :) Give this a little bit more of a chance. I don't know what kind of eating pattern you were coming from, but sometimes this kind of thing happens. I'm navigating a wedding tonight too (but not in such on honoured position). We can totally do this! You have a great plan.

Susan - Thanks Susan, have a wonderful week too! Do you mind sharing your falafel recipe? They sound delicious.

Peach1 - Woo hoo! Great work this week. :)

Christina - I agree, take every loss that you can get, even small ones. They're all getting us to where we want to go. Some weeks will have better results than others, even with the exact same effort. We may not be able to control how fast our bodies give us the loss, but we can certainly encourage it by staying the course. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

Chris - Restaurants can be difficult to navigate, much of that gain may be from eating higher sodium than usual. Thank you for reading my journal, and I'm glad you found some inspiration from it...hee hee.

Roxy59 - Welcome, so happy to have you join us! You have a lot on your plate right now (and I don't mean just potatoes). Your goals are solid and there is so much information on this website, so please take a look around. You can totally right the ship!

Purposive - You've had a wonderful week. Congratulations! I tend to eat the same meals for days on end too, its so much easier. Have you taken a look at the McDougall Recipes section of the website? There are many delicious choices that would be considered MWL (maximum weight loss). I agree with you about actions speaking louder than words. People tend to need to see the positive weight loss changes and that healthy aura we all attain before really becoming interested in what we are doing. Even then, because of the many ways to lose weight, it will take continued perseverance to show that this particular way of eating is one of the healthier patterns for things other than just weight loss.

BeHealthy - Yay! Slow and steady is the way to go. Good luck with your coming busy week. Maybe you can sneak in activity changes while marking by just standing instead of sitting or if you are not prone to motion sickness, pacing a bit while reading the papers...(I get motion sick...I'm getting queasy now...lol...).

Jellogirl - We are happy to provide a place for support. :) You can do this, just take it one day and one week at a time. No need to think any further ahead than that. If you can, I highly recommend watching the webinars, reading the material under the education tab and watching Jeff's lecture on Calorie Density. Best wishes on this first week and keep us all posted with how you are doing.

Georgie77 - Absolutely, yes! Join us. :) This is a huge website and can be totally overwhelming at first. Check out the links that I just mentioned to Jellogirl, above. They are a great start. As is the information in the [url=https://www.drmcdougall.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=56570#p570250]first post [/url of this thread. Let us know if you have any questions.

Moomoo - You are in the right spot! I'm glad you are ready for a change, you can totally do this. Thankfully this plan is very easily adapted for people with celiac. Just avoid the grains that you've always had to and you will continue to keep your symptoms at bay. You may want to talk to your doctor about your other symptoms and let her or him know that you are making some dietary changes.
Most importantly...great job resisting the chocolate...lol! That will get easier the longer you stay away from it. Are you familiar with Dr Lise's work? He's got some interesting webinars on this website and a book called The Pleasure Trap, that explain why his is.

Svenja - I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way! You are well prepared and will do just fine, I have no doubt. :) As for the nutritional yeast, if it isn't working for you then maybe leave it out for awhile. If you miss it then give it another try in a couple of weeks and see if the same thing happens.

Qwerty988 - Yay Qwerty! I'm so glad you are losing too, it will keep you motivated. You are doing a great job of this. :)

Bougainvillea - Welcome, you are not late! Even though the rules say noon or so on Saturday, I don't tend to tally everything up until after my kids are in bed, so there is much wiggle room there. I got a little laugh about your comment voila, lost the weight magically. That happens to me all the time. I don't even really realize I'm loosening the reigns, but once I get focused again, yep, this plan does work! We all have our dietary vices, but each week we can get better at managing them as we learn to recognize the situations that lead to them. Tonight I'm going to a wedding and I will normally allow myself 2 drinks, but I am determined to go to this wedding AND enjoy it without the alcohol. We'll see how that goes...lol.

chefdog19 - Welcome and congratulations for keeping off the weight. I hope you know that is quite an accomplishment. It sounds like you know exactly what needs to be done for success. We will be here to help cheer you on and talk you through the bumpier weeks. :) I've been stuck with extra weight after a big loss too, so I know how you are feeling. I think you can do this!

My weight loos for the week will be listed as 0 because I don't currently have a scale, but how my clothes are fitting tells me things are going well. :)

There's still more time to weigh in today, I won't be doing the tally until after my evening excursion.
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby LadyM » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:04 am

Hello everyone:

I am up 0.6 lbs. this week. It was a good week so all I can guess is it's water retention. Next week I intend to try eating some pasta for 1 meal. This adding back foods is going to be trial and error. If need be I will just stay eating MWL compliant for the for seeable future. :nod:

My eldest daughter, granddaughter and son in law are doing get on the McDougall WOE. My son in law, who has type 2 diabetes, has reported he feels great, has lost 8 lbs. and his levels are coming down. I really don't understand the whole sugar levels pre and post eating or upon waking. The girls say they feel good but will not share if they have lost weight. All 3 of them have had a few bumps in the road with the food these past 2 weeks. I have faith that they will stick with it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and comes back lighter. :lol:

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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby talita8 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:27 pm

Hi All,
Great to see so many new people. I have had 2 meals out this week, and have gone up in weight. 2 pounds, But still at my goal weight. But still aiming for my second goal weight. I have been maintaining this weight all year so I have to work on a new set point. My body is holding on to this one. Often I have heard that the food is what matters when it come to weight loss. That exercise has a minimal effect. I think this is true. But I have been exercising a lot, and think it is so good for the brain, all aspects of body function and while you are exercising you are not eating. I need exercise to keep me busy wither it is in the garden or walking. I have been doing so many chores too, I keep telling myself what can I do? Because if I don't then the default action is in the kitchen.
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Thanks Amy for your pictures. I want to fill the fridge with go to food this week.
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby ANNAUK » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:06 pm

1 pound gain but time of the month and posting way too late. Sorry xxxxxxx
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Namshealth » Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:52 pm

I am in midst of a holiday (Jewish holiday of sukkot) . It's over next Saturday night. I realize I cannot start in middle. I am enjoying reading these posts and getting inspired! I can't wait to join!!! I'll do all my planning over the next week.
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby amandamechele » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:02 am

Hi All!

Wow, we are a big group this month. :) I'm thrilled to meet so many new people. We're going to have a great time together on this journey, I just know it.

This week I have photographed everything that I have eaten for a challenge with myself: Follow the MWL plan very closely for the month of October.
It hasn't been perfect, that's why I said very closely, but the intent is there. Of the 12 refinements I'm having some difficulty with the smaller amount of fruit. It's been my habit to grab a couple of pieces multiple times a day just to snack on. I'm going to work on grabbing baby potatoes or cut veggies instead, if I snack at all. Over time this new pattern will begin to feel like my new normal, but for now it's a little uncomfortable.
How are you all finding it? For the newer folks, any transition questions or thoughts? For others, what are your sticky issues?

The above notwithstanding, I'm enjoying the challenge and wake up feeling lighter and with a positive outlook. I hope all of you are enjoying the process of learning about yourself and what it will take for you to reach the goals that you set.

Here's a fun peak at my evening (I was at a wedding with one of those photo booths):

Here's how I handled the food challenges it presented:

Day 7 Amy's MWL Challenge

Have a lovely week!

Here are the results for the first week in October:

Next Weigh-In is on Friday, October 13th, 2017

Total group loss reported in 2017: 640.56 pounds

October 2017 Weight Loss Group :: Monthly Weigh-In Results
Total group loss in January 2017: 137.25 pounds
Total group loss in February 2017: 102.91 pounds
Total group loss in March 2017: 111.3 pounds
Total group loss in April 2017: 56.1 pounds
Total group loss in May 2017: 41.8 pounds
Total group loss in June 2017: 44.4 pounds
Total group loss in July 2017: 34.9 pounds
Total group loss in August 2017: 59.6 pounds
Total group loss in September 2017: 41.9 pounds
Total group loss in October 2017: 10.4 pounds

Week ending 10/06/2017: 23 participants reported a total loss of 10.4 pounds
Suey51 - 0.4
Katie3 - 0.8
Galooop - 3.0
LadyM - 0.6
Talita8 - 2.0
AnnaUK - 1.0
Total gains: 7.8
Pippi Lemon - 1.0
Sirdle - 0.9
Zsilent1 - 2.0
Peach1 - 1.5
Artist516 - 1.0
Roxy59 - 0.0
Purposive - 4.0
BeHealthy - 1.0
Jellogirl - 0.0
Georgie77 - 0.0
Moomoo - 0.0
Svenja - 2.0
Qwerty988 - 0.8
Bougainvillea - 4.0
Chefdog19 - 0.0
Namshealth - 0.0
amandamechele - 0.0
Total losses: 18.2

Total group loss in October 2017: 10.4 pounds
Week ending 10/06/2017: 23 participants reported a total loss of 10.4 pounds
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Pippi Lemon » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:58 am

Dear Amy, thank you for all the work you are putting in on this thread. When I see you’ve mentioned me I light up :) :D It’s nice to see such a personal touch.

It’s a great thread, it’s lovely to see what everyone is doing with snippets of their life (and exams!). Also, the photos you posted are adorable and you look fabulous. You both look like you are having such fun.

So a big well done to everyone and I am so glad that perfectionism isn’t the name of the game. I need a lifestyle where i can be sociable as well as healthy.

I can only speak for myself but to isolate myself because of my food choices has not been healthy, for I can and I’m sure I’m not alone here, be a perfectionist. So far I haven’t had to do go off plan as I’ve not needed to eat out, but I’m lucky that most places have plant-based meals even if they are completely MWL.

That said, I do wish to stick to keeping it simple and MWL is brilliant for this. I seem to be gravitating to potatos at the moment which is great. I’m like a potato connoisseur and can taste the difference now between some of different types. Luckily my husband is used to my unconventional way of eating and in fact has joined me in many ways.

Blessings xxxx
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby amandamechele » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:16 pm

Day 8 Amy's MWL Challenge

PS. For those of you who have weighed in but I haven't responded to personally, I promise that I will tomorrow. My apologies, its been quite busy this weekend.
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Kristi » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:04 pm

Thank you for having this thread! :)
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby amandamechele » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:49 pm

Dee - Great plan! I think your gain is probably just regular weight fluctuation. I'm so happy about the changes your family is making. How awesome is that? If my family is any indication, there could be some back and forth for a bit but once they have experienced how good they feel they will never doubt that this is a very healthy way to eat and may just continue in their own fashion.

Talita - You're welcome! You've got it right. This Scientific American article from February of this year agrees with your thinking (sorry, I don't have online access to the full article - I'm just linking it for anyone who isn't familiar with it). Exercise is great for us, but seems to have less of an effect, than once believed, on weight loss. I'm glad you are finding all kinds of things to do to stay out of the kitchen. :)

Anna - You weren't late. :) My weight fluctuates then to. Have a good week.

Namshealth - Good luck this week! I hope you are still feeling inspired and off to a great start.

Pippi Lemon - Awww...XO... hearing that makes this even more worth it for me. Thank you. You most definitely aren't the only one here with these tendencies. We can totally eat this way and still be social, it just takes practice and maybe a little cunning...lol... I'm so glad your husband is coming along for the ride, that makes things so much easier. I think we are a whole group of unconventional thinkers. :)

Kristi - You're welcome...and welcome!
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Re: October 2017 McDougall Weigh In Thread

Postby Sedrexel » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:36 pm

Hi Everyone--I know it's a bit late but I'd like to join this party. I've been WFPB for about a 18 months. I'd like to lose 15 pounds by January 1. If I understand this process correctly, on Friday I need to post the pounds lost this week. I'm really looking forward to traveling this journey with everyone. :-D
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