Gerard Talamo: Lost 31 Pounds in Only Six Weeks

Updated July 5, 2016

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“This is a 31 pound loss in only six weeks. I have so much energy that I ride my bike at least 20 miles a day and feel so healthy and strong.”

I always struggled with my weight. Each year I would keep gaining little by little. I started to become very lazy and inactive. I would go to work and sit at a desk all day. I would come home and sit on the couch and surf the Internet and watch tv. I was eating a lot of takeout, fast food, unhealthy meats, and sweets. One day about four years ago I got on the scale and I was 300 lbs. I was in total shock. I am 5’9″ and was morbidly obese. I went on a starvation diet consuming only 800 calories a day. As the weight began to drop so did my muscle mass. I had no energy. It was a very stupid thing to do, but I did drop to 149 pounds in nine months. I was also walking two miles a day then eventually four miles a day. The problem with starving myself was as soon as I started eating normal again my metabolism was destroyed and I gained weight. I then began to eat the normal American diet again. Slowly but surely I started to gain back my weight. The only good part is I remained active.

About six weeks ago I got on the scale and was 250 pounds. I said to myself I must get back down to 180 but not by foolishly starving myself. A miracle happened and that miracle was finding a YouTube video by Dr. John McDougall. I then watched many of his videos and it made total sense to me. I ordered his book and have been following The Starch Solution for over six weeks now and I am currently 219 pounds. This is a 31 pound loss in only six weeks. My goal is 180. I have so much energy that I ride my bike at least 20 miles a day and feel so healthy and strong. Being a starchivore is so awesome. I never feel hungry or have cravings for food not on the plan. I eat until I am full and am always satisfied. Plus I am helping to save the planet and animals. This diet plan is so easy to follow and maintain and always keeps me satisfied and full of energy. I recommend this plan to everyone I know and meet. I am proof it works.

Gerard Talamo

Update: I just wanted to update you on my weight loss. I am now at 170 lbs. from 250 lbs. The Starchivore plan is so awesome. Losing 75 lbs. in only 5 months, and never feeling hungry. I have never felt better in my entire life. Thanks.