Newsletter Subject Index 2012-2013

Updated November 14, 2013

January 2012

  • Paula Deen Suffers from Easily Curable Diabetes
  • Favorite Five:
    • Two-thirds of Women Have Bad Bones. Or Do They?
    • Dark Chocolate Can Be a Small Part of the McDougall
    • White Rice Works for Most People
    • Mammography Causes Untold Harms
    • Steve Jobs: More on Pancreatic Cancer and Heavy

February 2012

  • Report on the February 2012 Advanced Study Weekend

March 2012

  • McDougall Healthy Immersion Programs ?Make Businesses
    More Profitable
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Gum (Periodontal) Disease and Diet
    • More Death from Meat Eating
    • White Rice and Diabetes
    • Doctors Ignorant about Mammograms and PSA Testing
    • Diabetes Cured by Surgery. No Surprise!

April 2012

  • My Formal Report to the State of Florida about Our
    Largest Source of Child Abuse: Food

May 2012

  • A Word to My Profession: Converting to a Starch-based
    Diet Medical Practice
  • Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy
    [Paperback] By Peter C. Gotzsche, MD
  • The Diet Book to End All Diet Books by George Lundberg,

June 2012

  • The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)

July 2012

  • Lessons from the Past, Directions for the Future: The
    WWI Starch Solution for Denmark
  • Favorite Five from Recent Medical Journals
    • MS Drugs Are Criminally Expensive Failures
    • One Simple Colon Exam Will Suffice
    • Surgery for Prostate Cancer Does Not Save Lives
    • Fish Oils Fail to Prevent Heart Disease
    • Folic Acid Fails to Prevent Heart Disease

August 2012

  • Heart Surgeons Kill First Man on the Moon: Neil
  • The Diet Wars: The Time for Unification Is Now

September 2012

  • Diet, Children, and the Future
  • An Independent Critique of Low-carb Diets: The Diet Wars
    Continue (by Travis)

October 2012

  • George McGovern’s Legacy: The Dietary Goals for the
    United States
  • An Independent Critique of Low-carb Diets: The Diet Wars
    Continue – Part 2 (Travis)
  • Report From the September 7 to 9, 2012 Advanced Study

November 2012

  • Obama’s Nutritional Knowledge Will Heal America
  • Great Honor Bestowed on Dr. McDougall by the Hawaii

December 2012

  • Counting Our Blessings
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Coke Keeps You Thin (Sugar Is Not Fattening)
    • Meat and Dairy Make Boys into Men Sooner
    • Sperm Counts Reduced by Eating Meat and Dairy
    • Fat Paralyzes Insulin, Making Diabetes Worse
    • Avoid Annual Physical Exams
January 2013

  • Denis Burkitt, MD Opened McDougall’s Eyes
    to Diet
    and Disease
  • Plant Positive Video Series Speaks Out Against Low-Carb Diet

February 2013

  • Nathan Pritikin – McDougall’s Most Important Mentor
  • An Independent Critique of Low-carb Diets: The Diet Wars
    Continue (Part 3) by Travis

March 2013

  • Gluten-free Diets Are Harmful for the General Population (Except
    for one percent)
  • The Mediterranean Diet Is a Weight-Gainer – The Asian Diet
    Should Be Our Goal
    by Jeff Novick, RD

April 2013

  • ”Vegan,” “Plant-Based,” “Starchivore”: What Do You Call
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Calcifications of Mummies’ Arteries Due to Meat in Their Diet
    • Macular Degeneration Is Due to Western Diet
    • Chelation Therapy Found Helpful for Heart Disease
    • Mediterranean Diet Study Promotes Nuts and Olive Oil for
    • Vegetable Oils Increase Heart Disease and Death

May 2013

  • Who Should Take Cholesterol-lowering Statins?
    Everyone or No One?
  • An Independent Critique of Low-carb Diets:
    Cracking Down on Eggs and Cholesterol
  • Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy – People Are Desperate for Change
  • Featured Recipes

June 2013

  • SB 380 Will Require Physicians to Learn about Human Nutrition
  • Hawaii McDougall Adventure, January 18 to 25, 2014
  • Independently Teach Others
    Become Certified in the Starch Solution
  • Featured Recipes

July 2013

  • Dr. McDougall’s Ten Favorite One-Liners
  • Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us
  • Featured Recipes

August 2013

  • GMO Foods: A Potentially Disastrous Distraction
  • The Asian Paradox: End of the Line for Low Carb Diets?
  • Featured Recipes

September 2013

  • Human Genes are Turned On and Off by Diet
  • The Immerman Files: One Hundreds Years of Scientific Research on Conservative Therapy
  • Report From the September 7 to 9, 2012 Advanced Study Weekend
  • Featured Recipes

October 2013

  • Empowering Change in Early, Middle, and Late Life
  • Holiday Meal Planning
  • Featured Recipes – The Recipe Contest Winners

November 2013

  • Al Gore’s Vegan Diet: The Power of the Individual
  • H. Gilbert Welch, MD (from the McDougall February 2012 ASW) Speaks Out on Amy Robach’s Double Mastectomy Following a Mammogram
  • Featured Recipes

December 2013

  • Walter Kempner, MD – Founder of the Rice Diet
  • Featured Recipes