Newsletter Subject Index 2010-2011

Updated November 14, 2013

January 2010

      • Five Major Poisons Inherently Found in Animal Foods
      • A Great Dental Tool-Small Inter-dental Brushes
      • Sign this Petition: Help Stop Making School Children
        Sick With Free Milk


February 2010

    • Early Detection Testing? Chance of Harm Is 100% / Chance
      of Benefit Is < 1 in a 1000
    • An Invitation for Bill Clinton to Attend the McDougall


March 2010

  • Vitamin D Pills Are of Little or No Benefit and Some
    Harm. So What to Do Now?
  • Favorite Five Articles From Recent Medical Journals
      • The American Cancer Society Is Now against Prostate
        Cancer (PSA) Testing
      • Copper and Iron from Meat Damage the Brain and Body
      • Appetizers Can Encourage Weight Loss
      • Ghostwriting – Medical Journals’ Dirty Little
      • Fat Taste Bud Discovered


April 2010

    • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: A BigStep Forward
    • Should You Be Taking Daily Aspirin? And How Much?
    • Report from the February 19 to 21, 2010 Advanced Study


May 2010

    • Just To Be on the Safe Side: Don’t Take Vitamins
    • Better Breathing from Diet


June 2010

    • Sugar: Adding Pleasure to the Satisfaction of Starches
    • The Livestock Industries’ Interests Underpin the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for


July 2010

    • How to Identify and Avoid the Bad Guys
    • A Scientific Critique of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s Report
      for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
    • Fat or Carbs: Which is Worse?
    • Saving U.S. Dietary Advice from Conflicts of Interest By Jeff Herman


August 2010

    • Colonoscopy: A Gold Standard to Refuse
    • Judge Judy at the McDougall Program
    • Report on the July 2010 Costa Rica Adventure


September 2010

    • What Do Bill Clinton, Steve Wynn, John Mackey, and Mike Tyson Have in Common?
    • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals:
      • Few Benefits from Mammography, Yet Physicians Are Forced to Prescribe It
      • Statins Fail to Save Lives
      • Glucosamine and Chondroitin Do Not Help Arthritis
      • Better Moods from a Vegetarian Diet
      • Calcium Supplements Are Harmful
    • Comments on the Colonoscopy Article August 2010 Newsletter


October 2010

    • Prostate Trouble: Steps to Improving the Flow
    • Holiday Meal Planning
    • Report From the September 10-12, 2010 Advanced Study Weekend


November 2010

    • Parkinson’s Disease and Other Diet-induced Tremors


December 2010

  • Sleep Apnea: Too Fat to Breathe
 January 2011

  • The McDougall Diet for Pregnancy

February 2011

  • World Security is Threatened by Hunger Caused By

March 2011

  • Vitamin D: Values for Normal Are Exaggerated
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Acne is Caused by Diet, Especially Dairy Products
    • What is the Best Baby Formula
    • Hidden Vegetables Cause Weight Loss
    • Measurement of PSA Velocity Harms More Men
    • BP Pills (ARBs) Increase the Risk of Dying

April 2011

  • USDA Demonizes Starch, While Promoting Meat, Dairy, and

May 2011

  • The Egyptian Mummy Diet Paradox

June 2011

  • The McDougall Promise: You Will Achieve Success at My
    10-Day Residential Program

July 2011

  • Just a Little More About Starch and The Starch Solution
  • Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals
    • Diabetic Treatments Fail to Help Eyes and Kidneys
    • Cardiologists Acting Criminally
    • Diet Causes Diverticular Disease
    • Niacin Combined with a Statin Is Dangerous
    • Cow’s Milk Damages Kidneys and Sickens Children
  • Report on the July 2011 Costa Rica Adventure

August 2011

  • Newsweek Magazine Warns about Modern Medicine

September 2011

  • Diet Is Destroying Workers’ Competitiveness
  • Bob’s Red Mill Founders and the Institute of Nutrition
    and Wellness at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach

October 2011

  • How to Protect Yourself from Abusive Medical Doctors
  • Report from the September 2011 Advanced Study Weekend
  • Holiday Meal Planning

November 2011

  • Why Did Steve Jobs Die?
  • Responses from Readers of How to Protect Yourself from
    Abusive Medical Doctors

December 2011

  • The Eat More Starch Challenge: Eat 12 Slices of Bread
    Daily to Lose 10 Pounds Monthly
  • Comments on the “Why Did Steve Jobs Die?” Article